The Grapevine agency has amazing high quality jobs to offer those seeking a new role. I have been in the business for over ten years and could not find the right fit. I recently worked with Lori and Rachel while looking for my next position. They really cared about getting the right position for me and was always available to me via email or phone. They also spend time trying to get to know you and match the job opportunity with you. They understood my salary needs and gave me listings of great pay. They are wonderful ladies to work with and have a lot of exceptional service they provide to their clients. They are proactive and care about your success!! I highly recommend their services They will find a match that’s a great fit for you and they will stick with you through the whole process. Their follow through and follow up are fantastic, very professional, and organized. They really make the transition into a new position very easy and stress-free. I love my job, thanks to them!
Melissa Rotonto, Coordinating Producer, Mutant Enemy

The Grapevine is an absolute must for anyone that needs help with their staffing needs. When looking for a chef, Rachel recommended one right away that fit our profile exactly. She had such great insight and matched us with someone compatible not only on a professional level, but personal as well. Thank you Grapevine!!!


I’ve worked with Grapevine for 3 years now and they’ve got a great team of communicative and understanding individuals. They not only simplify the process, but their turnaround time is very impressive.  On two separate occasions, they helped me find reliable and trustworthy housekeepers. I would highly recommend Grapevine for any staffing needs!

Kristy S., COO Production

As a busy president of a prolific TV production company, as well as a mother of 2, having the right assistant and nanny, REALLY allows me to focus on my work and then focus on my kids. I have known Lori for over 2 decades so when it came to hiring, I knew she would know exactly what I needed in both areas of my life. I am quite specific and I like to take my time meeting all kinds of people when considering a new hire.

Lori never wasted my time, always sent me top tier candidates and understood my needs precisely. I was fortunate enough to hire 2 amazing people— in the office and at my home. Both candidates were screened properly, knew my exact needs, and without sounding strange, knew my vibe. The two people I have hired have become lifesavers and are excellent. I refer Lori and The Grapevine Agency endlessly to those who have hiring needs.

Heather K., President, TV Production Company

I recently worked with Lori and the Grapevine agency to hire an executive assistant for our production company’s CEO. Every step of the way, Lori provided classy and extensive client services. She was attentive, responsive, and collaborated with us then provided countless amazingly qualified candidates. After we selected a fantastic woman to fill the position, Lori was completely integritous in our negotiations. In fact, our CEO referred to her as “the most professional and honest agent he’s ever worked with.” We will definitely be working with her again!

Lauren McCarthy, Director of Creative Affairs, Broad Green Pictures

I got my dream job; a job that seemed so far outside of my reach for years. But the wonder of Lori and Rachel is that they have the ability to make dreams come true. Lori is brilliant and honest, which can be hard to swallow at first, but I soon came to realize that she was trying to make sure I could put my best foot forward. And truly above all else, she was looking out for me. I was lucky enough to have had a very hard decision at the end and Lori was in my corner every step of the way supporting me and making sure that I was going to be happy. There really isn’t anything more I could have asked for.


I have been through two job searches with Grapevine now. I’m with probably 15 agencies at this point and Lori has gotten me far more top quality interviews than anyone else. My last position came from Lori and it looks like my next one will too. She is tell it like it is in her manner. She also has an amazing work ethic. She has emailed me late at night, weekends and 6am before… the woman hustles! If you have the experience where she can sell you to a client, she will.

Jessica S.

We have had a 100% success rate with Grapevine, They are flexible and responsive and well suited to the peculiar needs of the business of show.

Thomas Bliss, Entertainment Executive

My experience with The Grapevine Agency was absolutely incredible! They were extremely helpful and always proactive in finding the perfect fit for me. I ended up taking the most incredible position because of them and I could not thank them enough.

Arielle Z.

I explained to the Grapevine the type of position I needed to fill and the type of person I was looking for that I saw to be a good fit for my office environment. The Grapevine carefully listened to my needs and I hired the first person they introduced me to for the position. I am quite pleased with my new employee. She is efficient and pleasant to have in the office.

I called Lori at the Grapevine to help me on a very important executive assistant search. She responded quickly with very qualified and interesting candidates. She listened to our needs, quickly got a grasp of our corporate culture and sent candidates she knew would fit the role. She made the interview scheduling process very easy and convenient for us. We ultimately ended up hiring a candidate we had found on our own. But, overall it was a joy to work with Lori and we will absolutely contact her first should we ever need help with another search like this one.
Nancy Alley, SVP, Director of Human Resources

Lori and Rachel from the Grapevine are fantastic. I was looking for a new position last year and I met Lori for an interview at her office. I would check their blog a few times a day to see if there were any new positions posted and let Lori know which ones I was interested in. Lori was very honest about whether or not a position was right for me. She sent me out on some really great interviews, they have top notch clients. They really know this business and matched me with the perfect family.

Veronika K.

5 plus stars! I had such a great experience with Lori! She was not only helpful but extremely professional! She helped me every step of the way and found the most perfect family/fit for me! I appreciate everything Lori did and would recommend her and her business over and over again! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Lori!

Skyler K.

The Grapevine is a Godsend. I run a company that is in constant expansion mode and finding quality new employees is a tedious process. The Grapevine streamlines this process and saves my company hours of time and brings us only the best of the current talent pool. The results have been amazing and we intend to use The Grapevine for all of our talent search needs. I can’t recommend The Grapevine highly enough.

Larry Weintraub, CEO, Fanscape, Inc.

Lori and her team are absolutely fantastic. During a tumultuous career moment, Lori was able to swoop in, guide me, and facilitated every step from application to interview to hire with ease and confidence. I felt taken care of and protected throughout the process and knew Lori and her team were looking out for my best interests in placement, pay, and office culture. I know I will recommend the Grapevine for years to come!

Jessica B.

Thank you so much for helping me hire my new Executive Assistant. As a busy Business Manager, I do not have the time to sort through hundreds of resumes and research references and backgrounds. Working with you and Grapevine, the most difficult part of the process was having to choose from the many qualified candidates you recommended. Most importantly, you listened to what I need in an EA and only sent me candidates that were very much in line with what we discussed. From the 10 or so focused resumes you sent, I interviewed 5 candidates and could have hired any one of them. You made this an easy and streamlined process and, again, thank you for time and assistance.


My experience with this agency was FANTASTIC! They helped me find an amazing nanny to help me with my infant and my toddler. I was nervous to leave my children with anyone for the first time, and Rachel worked with me to find the perfect fit. She was kind, patient, and truly listened to my needs. 5 stars and then some!!!

Jamie H.

The Grapevine Agency has a big place in the job market for high profile/high net worth individuals. I have obtained employment several times through them as well as worked with them to hire employees myself for my employers. Rachel is great at communicating needs of both parties and has always been a huge help in job searches, candidate placement and discussing the ins and outs of employment. Lori is straight forward and doesn’t waste time on either side; she has always helped me move on quickly when something doesn’t work out and doesn’t let me dwell on the what ifs. Often employment agencies have bad reviews because someone didn’t get enough attention or hand-holding. These 2 women are very busy and speak to many many job seekers and employers each day. If you are serious about getting a job, help the agency work for you; the squeaky wheel gets the grease!!

Lori B.

Everything about The Grapevine was great. The candidates were very much along the lines of what we were looking for. The staff was friendly, professional and accessible. The Grapevine truly handles all of your employment needs from start to finish.


Here’s the thing… I see everyone’s negative reviews of this agency and of Lori, however, I think they are a bit much and that Lori is misunderstood. I’ve been working with Lori for 8 years now. In the beginning, did I agree with some of these reviews? Was Lori short and sometimes harsh? Absolutely. But you know what else she is? Honest and great at her job. A lot of agencies have wasted my time with countless interviews that were nowhere near a match for me or the client. Lori always tells me straight up, exactly what the job is, what it entails, and she doesn’t do any sugar coating. In this line of work that is absolutely key. I would argue that after working with many agencies over the years, Lori is the best agent to work with–she’s to the point, honest, and loyal. I’ve worked with Rachel once and she’s lovely too. At the end of the day, agencies aren’t here to be your friend, but rather, to place you at a job that’s a wonderful fit for you and their client. That’s what The Grapevine does.

Chloe J.