Shoutout LA Website

Lori recently did an interview with Shoutout LA that’s up now on their website Shoutout LA.

Get a glimpse into the origins of The Grapevine Agency, the risks involved in making a career change, and how Lori strives to make The Grapevine Agency stand out in a crowded field of competing agencies.

Mini Bloom Website

How to Interview a Caregiver w/ Rachel Sheer on the Mini Bloom website.

“An expert in interviewing and match-making, we caught up with the Brentwood-based mother of two to ask her to share her insider advice on how to find and hire the best nanny/caregiver for a family.”

Parenting Portal Podcast

How to Find a Great Nanny w/ Rachel Sheer on the Parenting Portal podcast.

Listen to the entire podcast episode using the following portals:

The Newsette

The Newsette’s mission to is bring more girl boss content to its readers, and to that end, they knew just who to talk to for their latest feature interview, our very own Grapevine team. Today, read how the co-owner of an entertainment celebrity staffing agency spends her workday.

Read to the full interview here.

Mama Said Podcast

Hiring the perfect nanny is no easy task as podcast hosts Jamie Lynn Sigler and Jenna Parris reveal when they sit down to interview our very own Rachel Zalansky Sheer. Rachel shares her vast experience in staffing nanny jobs, and offers a wealth of practical tips to simplify your search.

“Every job is so different. You want to make sure that the things they did in their last job are the things that relate to your job specifically. If they were working for someone with a high school kid, and you have a newborn, they were a nanny, but they’re not qualified for your job.”

The Washington Post

The days of executives prizing discretion over safety need to be over, said Rachel Zaslansky Sheer, co-founder of the Grapevine Agency, a staffing firm to the stars.

“If anything feels off, don’t do it,” Sheer said she tells job candidates. “Say something. It’s not worth it. Nothing is worth it.”

The Hollywood Reporter

15th Annual Women in Entertainment-Power 100

“BEST BACKUP: Hollywood mothers and celebrities sing praises for the Grapevine, and for good reason.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Clearly, there’s a ton of cleaning that needs to be done, as well as management of the property and grounds.” explains Lori Zuker Briller, a partner in the Grapevine.

LA Times – West Magazine

“My biggest thrill”, she says, “comes when I look into a person’s eyes and realize I’ve discovered a brand-new star. I mean assistant star.”


As the founder of the Grapevine Agency, Rachel Zaslansky Sheer helps find personal assistants for lots of celebs.


“The busy actress and humanitarian, who already has one nanny on staff, has consulted with Los Angeles-based Grapevine Agency, which helps supply staff to Hollywood’s elite.”

Lori Zuker Briller, a partner at The Grapevine, tells OK!, “We never comment on our clients”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Everyone may wear khaki shorts, polo shirts and espadrilles as a household” according to The Grapevine’s Rachel Sheer

Elle – France

The Grapevine Agency is featured in Elle France.

Channel 7 Sunrise

“Star Secrets: Inside the world of celebrity assistants”

Rachel’s interview begins at 1:40.