Executive Assistants

We know that being an Executive Assistant in one’s office is more than just a secretary. This person acts as the right hand man/woman to your business as well as your personal life. In order for a busy executive to truly be effective, they need the support of their assistant. Our candidates range from those who are more administrative in nature with less experience (1-3 years) to those who are true career assistants (5 plus years).

There is a wide range of duties for the Executive Assistant which can include; managing calendars, arranging schedules, booking international and domestic travel reservations, rolling calls, correspondence, filing expense reports, internet research as well as all other administrative tasks that arise. The relationship between the employer and the assistant must be one of mutual respect in order to create a lasting and valuable relationship. All of our experienced applicants understand the importance of discretion and take the utmost pride in their works.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come home from a long day of work and know that your dinner is prepared?

It is the duty of a great Chef to be insightful and versatile with incorporating clients’ lifestyles and priorities into their meals. A wonderful Chef can educate clients on the dynamics of food and diets. They can create menu compositions that combine a classic foundation with the influence of fusion, leveraging the natural flavors from fresh, organic whole foods. All of our Chefs have been professionally trained and have worked with a variety of high-end clients who only expect the best when it comes to their dining experiences. Our Chefs love to find the best farmer’s market fresh produce and use their creativity to deliver a wide variety of delicious meals for your family.

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Estate/House Managers

From top to bottom, an Estate/House Manager can tend to all of the needs of a well run home.

Whether it is overseeing and managing your staff, creating a household manual or interfacing with outside venders / contractors our Managers are able to make your home or estate run seamlessly. They can greet guests, maintain repairs, coordinate events and parties or mix a cocktail or two. Many of the best Estate/House Managers will run your home like a five star hotel.

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Having a full time Housekeeper means never walking into a messy or unorganized home again.

Our candidates have experience working in formal homes as well as more casual homes. They can organize, do laundry and ironing, polish silver, grocery shop, care for your finest antiques and help you with household errands. The benefit of having a professional Housekeeper is knowing that there is a caring and responsible person overseeing the day to day needs of your home.

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Whether you want a camp counselor like Nanny to run around with your kids or a seasoned professional to show you the ropes, we are here to find just what you are looking for! All of our Nannies have at least 3 years of solid experience working with children in a home environment. We know that your children are your greatest treasure and we aim to find you a perfect match for your home. The Nanny is there to be an extension of Mom or Dad and to love, support, care for and nurture your children.

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Personal Assistants

Whether you need someone to pick up your dry cleaning, plan a birthday party or oversee a renovation, our Personal Assistants cater to your unique needs. Their job is to make your life run smoothly and make sure all aspects of your world are taken care of. Our Assistants are trained to think 5 steps ahead, aniticpate your needs and allow you the ability to focus on what matters most. Typically your Personal Assistant will run down their to do list and get through all of the stuff that you don’t have time for. How nice will it feel to see that check next to something you’ve been meaning to get to? With one of our Personal Assistants in place, you no longer have to feel overwhelmed that you can’t get to it all, because you won’t have to.

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