• Full-Time
  • Napa Valley, CA
  • This position has been filled

The Grapevine Agency

Estate Manager in Napa Valley

A beautiful sprawling property in the Napa Valley region is seeking a highly esteemed Estate/House Manager.The EM /HM will plan and direct all administrative, financial, and operational activities for the estate. Will act as point of contact between top management (principals) and the rest of the team’s properties. Will provide guidance and oversight to projects of high importance.
The focus of this role will be on the Residences, but will work closely with Property Manager to make sure everything involving exteriors and facilities is running smoothly and projects are getting done in a timely manner. With an increased effort to be as sustainable as possible, it is important that whoever is in this role has a sensitivity to the products used, how to dispose of things, materials bought and embrace the vision of environmental responsibility.
2. Working Relationships: Reports to: Principals
Oversees: Chef, housemen (1 full-time, 1 part-time, looking for 1 more), housekeepers (5-7), landscapers (3), farm team (until we find a farm manager)
Interfaces with: Homeowners, family and other guests, chef, housemen, housekeepers, property manager, landscapers, independent contractors, consultants, winery team, farm team.
3. Essential Job Functions:
• Provide leadership and good example of the utmost in professional service standards.
• Hiring, firing and supervision of employees
• Create residence handbook: SOP’s, Housekeeping, Security, AV, Inventory, Vendor book,
• Manage Household schedule and calendar
• Manage daily operations, guest relations, hospitality, service events and special projects.
• Communicate information, goals/objectives, wants/needs for Principal and organization.
• Organize Principal/Guest: travel, advances, calendars, hospitality and services, etc.
• Handling household bills, petty cash, payroll, and administrative duties
• Serve as a go-to person for all staff to voice concerns, needs and problems that need to be
• Establish effective communication channels for the entire staff to be able to work efficiently and seamlessly
• Create systems of organization as needed
role, the House Manager is responsible for the overwatch of: communication, management,
financial stewardship, safety and security of the organization.
• Supervise any outside contractors entering the property and make sure there are clear boundaries and sufficient oversight when they are on property
• Aid in the establishment and installation of a security system with our security team.
• Make sure all staff members are working to the standard of the principal
• Develop a system to know who is on property or leaving property every day. Potentially need
some sort of clock in clock out system.
• Send weekly reports to principals
• Go-to person for any inter-staff conflicts and problems that may come up throughout the
• In charge of residence expenditures and making sure they are in line with principal’s wishes
and budgets. Budgets may need to be created initially.
• Development of policies and procedures with guidance from principals
• Negotiating contracts and vendor management
• Maintain records including, phone numbers, house and employee ground rules, vendors and
contacts, staff duties and changes, floor plans of the house and grounds, house storage
schedules, insurance records and contacts, guest preferences.
• Check on all storage areas throughout the residence, guest home and barn to ensure that they
are clean and being organized properly with records of what is stored where.
• Arranging appointments for personal and professional needs
• Receive at door, and telephone and refer as appropriate.
• Look after all guests, main point person for any requests.
• Making sure all areas of the home are clean, organized and appear in the way the homeowner
wishes so that it is ready to receive guests.
• Helping where needed when other staff is unavailable (i.e. for errands, airport pickups,
setting the table, etc.)
• Develop and perfect cleaning specifications including zoning and facilitating cleaning duties,
establishing and maintaining standards.
• Assure that all routine household supplies are always on hand.
• Facilitate when things need to be given away or sold
• Oversee dry-cleaning for all guests and homeowners
• Work closely with Property Manager to ensure all projects are divided, executed and
scheduled properly as well as to create an annual maintenance book for the entire property.
Job Qualifications:
• Minimum of 5 years experience in house/estate management, hospitality and/or restaurant management.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Meticulous attention to detail
• Spanish-speaking preferred but not required
• Strong accounting and computer background preferred
• Strong communication skills and conflict resolution
• Strong problem-solving skills