The Grapevine Agency

The Assistant to the CEO/Founder is focused on managing, organizing, and scheduling all elements of the CEO/Founders business duties and personal life. The position will be required to interface with the CEO/Founder in regards to all business meetings, company emails and internal tasks at hand. In tandem with the CEO/Founder’s corporate responsibilities, they are to streamline all personal related items of the CEO/Founder’s life in order for them to perform at their highest level.  They seek someone who can assist them in creating some work life balance in their own life.

Duties & Responsibilities

Corporate Specific
1.     Administrative
a.      Maintain a cohesive work schedule
b.     Provide morning schedules/notify CEO/Founder 15 Minutes before calls
c.      Attend all of the CEO/Founder meetings in order to take meeting minutes for reference
d.     Review and understand CEO/Founder email inbox
e.     Prepare, present and file all TES related paperwork for CEO/Founder
f.      Prepare daily list of concise updates, reminders, and confirmations to be communicated to the CEO/Founder
g.      Select, wrap and deliver gifts to important clientele
h.     Set lunch/dinner reservations for business meetings
i.       Manage and direct the internship program
2.     Business related
a.      Coordinate with internal teams to ensure CEOs tasks are completed thoroughly and on time
b.     Assist with and review incoming documents to CEO/Founder to find they reach given parameters in a satisfactory manner.
c.      Remain available to speak to CEO/Founder about internal and external decisions
3.     Project Based Duties
a.      Take on or assist in micro projects within the organization.
b.     Oversee and collaborate on internal projects in order to confirm the intent of the CEO/Founder is met
c.      Be available to participate on any project that is for the betterment of the company

Personal Specific
1.     Business Relationships
a.      Oversee guest experience when visitors tour facilities
b.     Catalogue a general communication history between CEO/Founder and clientele
2.     Estate Management
a.      Assist in acquisition and set up of new assets
b.     Organize and schedule all personal and reoccurring payments to be made
c.      Oversee maintenance and upgrades to residential properties
d.     Organize and deliver all communication with advisors pertaining to CEO/Founder’s estate (financial, legal, etc)
3.     Family Matters
·       Maintain a calendar for CEO/Founder’s daughter
·       Arrange transportation for CEO/Founder’s daughter
·       Coordinate directly with the mother of CEO/Founder’s daughter to ensure her daily needs are met
·       Plan and organize family events (minimal)
4.     Personal Needs
·       Maintain a personal/social/ health/exercise calendar
·       Prepare weekly menus/ coordinate deliver and pickup of breakfast and lunch
·       Suggest and plan personal activities such as vacations, weekend plans, and nightly events
·       Assist in travel related accommodations such as stays, travel, dining, etc
·       Suggest and set dining reservations
·       Document and organize all passwords, contacts, and life preferences
·       Assist in any remedial personal duties that might arise for the CEO/Founder
·       Collect mail from personal P.O box
·       Coordinate the dry cleaning and repair of clothing
·       Schedule bi weekly house cleaning.


1.     Direct Report: CEO/Founder
·       Be available to communicate with CEO/Founder at all hours of the day via text or phone
·       Clearly and concisely communicate to CEO/Founder all information requested/required to be delivered
·       Stay up to date on CEO/Founders emails in order to be present in ongoing developments
2.     Communication: Intern
·       Utilize the platform to organize required tasks, track progress, and indicate needs
·       Utilize the Executives Assistant’s communication google doc for coordination
·       Provide the Intern with emails that indicate tasks needed to be done
·       Communicate all daily business requirements to the Intern during required touch bases in the morning and EOD as well as throughout the day.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

·       5+ year past college graduation
·       Excellent organizational skills
·       Proactive learner interested in going above and beyond what is asked
·       Enthusiasm for business development and leadership


1.     Position Commitment
a.     18 month minimum
2.     Weekly Commitment
a.     No less than 40 hours per week
b.     On call at all times


Up to 130K plus Benefits — with homes in Malibu and Laurel Canyon and office downtown

To apply for this job email your details to