The Grapevine Agency

Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant for Business Entrepreneur in both Entertainment

Salary:  75K – 130K DOE plus stipend towards Benefits.
Ideally this client likes to start lower salary range and then have bonus structures over time.  They like to compensate REALLY well with proven capabilities and have always been fair and competitive with their compensation packages.
Schedule:  Monday through Friday, 9am – 6/7pm
This person works 24/7 and needs someone high functioning and willing to work, but generally around 9am – 7pm or so with flex for emails/text.  However the client is is not “overly” demanding.  This is a learned role bc they do the same thing  over and over again.
Location: Home office by Laurel Canyon/as well as remotely at your own home, flex on that as needed

A very versatile client who specializes in motivational coaching,  as well as as working with various clients (and has one main higher profile talent as their main client) with their brands and business.  The role calls for someone who is HIGHLY capable and highly emotional /intuitive.   This team values wellness and emotional health and while they work hard, they also want balance for everyone.

Because the client is self sufficient and not the best at delegating,  we seek someone who is able to to extract from the client what they need from the EA PA to make their life run more smoothly.   The MAJOR call to action for this position is someone who is high functioning,  emotionally aware  yet exceedingly organized and operational in their mind set. This team is very passionate about the various areas of their work.  They are all A team players and create a well oiled team environment.  For the right person, there is ample growth and opportunity— we seek people who want to grow!

Day to day duties include but ate not limited to:
Managing ever changing schedule/calendar for this prolific person
Setting travel arrangements
Making sure one on one meetings for clients as a coach are set in schedule as well.
Set up meetings and board rooms for meetings with snacks and beverages.
As related to the client that they manage for their brand and website:  Will liaise with all team member for this talent, inclusive of managers, agents, PR and other reps.  Will interface with brand’s team as well.  And will act as an extension of client to the brand when needed.
Dealing with vendors for the home (most people are set in place)
Connecting to HSK when needed
Errands/return of packages
Instacart for groceries and stocking of home
Management of gift buying at holidays
Other ancillary needs

You are:
Exceptionally organized, poised, polished, capable and confident
Have experience either as higher level EA in entertainment/entrepreneurial environments, OR have operational background
Excel at written and oral communication
Action oriented and a task master
Able to juggle and multi task
Tech savvy and computer proficient
Pop Culture, world and LA Savvy
Exhibit strong problem solving skills
HARD working, highly efficient, kind and a DOER


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