The Grapevine Agency

A very high profile owner of a chic and fast growing luxury organizing and space curation firm seeks a dedicated  yet flexible and part time assistant.  The client has projects arising as well as a new TV show that will be filmed in the next 2 months.  We are seeking to find the right chemistry for this unique position, with the hope and intention for this role to go more full time down the road as the business continues their expansion of their business and brand. We seek someone who is exceedingly organized and meticulous.  Thrives on creating an organized space from chaos and clutter. Should this be a match for both sides, please be OK with being filmed as needed.   Duties will include: Assisting on organizing projects in UHNW homes (please be able to pass a background check), admin work for the client as well as potential errands.  Assisting with social media and brand build out is also a plus.