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Seeking a dynamic, smart and sophisticated assistant to help in front office needs as well as admin needs in a popular plastic surgery office. Most of all we need someone who is able to talk to patients and represent the office well. We also seek someone who is detailed , organized and able to be efficient with admin needs. Please know Outlook software. Duties can include but are not limited to: answering phones, fielding new patient inquiries, answering patient questions, maintaining patient flow, escorting patients through the clinic, identifying patient needs, collecting/verifying information, providing surgical education and other information as pertains to surgery, updating electronic medical records, interfacing with vendors, interfacing with insurance companies for benefit verification, and prior-authorization for surgery, and maintaining exam/treatment rooms.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:


1. Assist Dr. with general patient care.

2. Assist patient coordinator &/or Medical Assistant/Nurse with general patient paperwork.

3. Paperwork:

· Collecting and organizing patient intake paperwork.

· Preparing all needed pre-operative paperwork for surgical charts.

· Tracking down all needed pre-operative clearance paperwork.

· Ordering & Tracking all surgical supplies: bras, garments, implants, injectables.

· Printing/organizing any requests for Dr. to review before sending to outside offices or patients.

· Reviewing all applicable consent forms prior to any procedure or surgery requiring written consent.

· Reviewing all applicable paperwork with patient during their pre-operative visits.

· Maintaining internal credentialing file and keeping files up to date.

· Maintaining facility credentialing when needed.

· Tracking their own work hours, clock-in/out for work, take appropriate

meal and rest period.


4. Administration:

· Answering office phones in a courteous manner.

· Patient relations.

· Intake new patient inquires.

· Make new patient/follow up appointments.

· Confirm all patient appointments 48-72 hours prior by phone

· Answer basic clinical questions/ relay answers from Dr. to patients

· Defer unknown answers to Patient Coordinator or Dr.

· Take patient before and after photographs.

· Organize/upload photographs into digital files by name and date.

· Assist with photo and/or content updates to website.

· Keep track of patient schedule in conjunction with other staff.

· Communicate all patient/office related issues to staff in a friendly and timely manner.

· Speaking with and/or emailing pre-operative and post-operative confirmations and instructions to patients.

· Basic computer skills – Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Medical records system including recording/documenting all patient interactions within the EMR system. Knowledge of common social media apps helpful.


5. Out of office duties:

· Some duties may require some driving, 1-2 days per week.






Mathematical Skills

Analytical Skills

Problem Solving

Interpersonal Skills


Oral Communication

Written communication



Valid Driver’s License

Customer Service

Computer Skill


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