• Part-Time
  • Venice
  • This position has been filled

Location: Venice

Schedule: Saturday & Sunday, 7am-7pm

Compensation: Up to $45/hour, DOE

A family in Venice with 2 kids, ages 7 years and 11 months, is seeking a weekend nanny to join their team. This is a two startup/entrepreneur household with busy and quickly-evolving schedules. Outside of current circumstances, they also travel regularly, mostly to NYC and San Francisco, but there could be some more frequent international travel this year. Mom and dad work hard to maintain a loving and healthy environment for their children, and only want them to be nourished in mind, body and spirit. Communication and resilience is very important to this family. The family is extremely health-conscious, especially around nutrition, and care deeply about the combination of kindness, love and early childhood development knowledge to cultivate social, cognitive and emotional skills. This is a loving and welcoming family, and they understand that their ever-changing schedule isn’t for everyone, and they do have high expectations for child care.

The ideal candidate is kind, loving, intelligent, patient, curious, intuitive, and committed to personal self-care. Must also have extensive experience and developmental knowledge of caring for a child through their development into their toddler years and beyond. Ideally you have a formal early childhood education degree, deep knowledge and expertise of infant and toddler health and cognitive development, safety training beyond what is considered standard (water, CPR, etc.) and proficiency with communication, organization and digital tools. Tantamount to this family is love, safety and a healthy, nurturing dynamic with exceedingly clear communication.

This role requires someone with the ultimate amount of flexibility—the family is very busy and their schedule changes often, so it’s about helping them to ensure their household is well-rested, supported and that there’s a seamless feeling of continuity between everyone in their home. It’s critical to this family that a spirit of partnership all around is cultivated. Mom and dad work incredibly hard, so every moment they have with their children is precious and needs to be supported by whoever is with them. They care about clear and kind communication, fluidity and ease around scheduling, care for the spaces in the home, with special attention to the cleanliness and organization of the kids things, preparation of their food and proactive thought for activities and materials.

Being adept with technology is also very important – this includes iPhone, text, camera app, driving directions, etc. The family will appreciate someone who is naturally happy to maintain the kids spaces, keeping them always neat and organized. The role also includes packing, organizing, moving out what’s not used or outgrown on a regular basis and coordination around what supplies are needed and communicating what needs to be ordered. This also includes age and developmental-stage-appropriate toys and other needs to ensure that the nanny has everything need to do their job well and that the kids have everything they need in order to thrive.

The family values your self-care as well, and will expect you to be vocal about when you need to eat, or take a break, for example. They will appreciate someone who handles challenging behavior with a clear and level head, and a calm, patient understanding demeanor. Overall, you are positive, grateful, optimistic, question before assuming, get way ahead of something that could compound or build up, are open to learning and new ideas (despite your years of experience), you are perceptive and empathic, and in your eyes, the world’s cup is half-full. This role will call for someone who is an early morning person, and how you process being tired is also important to the energy of this family’s home.

This is a great opportunity to join a loving family who’s household runs like a well-oiled machine! They travel fairly often and will be taking you with them!