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Job Summary:
We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced High-End Organizer/Mover to assist a lovely family with organizing and preparing their prestigious estate for a move. As the High-End Organizer/Mover, your role will involve meticulously organizing and packing the belongings of a beautiful estate filled with a lifetime of memories, valuable possessions, artwork, antiques, and sentimental items. You will provide expert guidance to the family, ensuring a smooth transition while treating their home and possessions with the utmost care and respect. The successful candidate will possess exceptional organizational skills, a keen eye for detail, and a compassionate demeanor to support the family through this significant undertaking.

Estate Assessment and Inventory: Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the estate, working closely with the family to understand their preferences and sentimental attachments. Create a detailed inventory of all items, ensuring accurate documentation.
Organization and Decision-Making: Develop and implement a meticulous organization system for all belongings, working collaboratively with the family to determine which items should be retained, stored, donated, or discarded.
Coordination with Moving Services: Liaise with professional movers to ensure the secure packing, transportation, and delivery of items to their designated destinations, including storage facilities and the family’s future residence.
Artwork and Valuables Management: Collaborate with experts and appraisers to handle, package, and transport valuable artwork, antiques, and other high-value items, ensuring their proper preservation and protection.
Emotional Support and Patience: Provide compassionate guidance to the family throughout the process, understanding their attachment to their estate and possessions. Offer reassurance and support during this significant life transition.
Documentation and Record-Keeping: Maintain meticulous records, including inventories, condition reports, and photographs, to provide the family with a comprehensive account of their possessions.
Locate Accommodation: allowing for convenient access and availability to address any immediate organizational needs.

Previous experience as a high-end organizer, estate manager, or professional mover, focusing on large-scale residential moves and organization projects.
Exceptional organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail.
Knowledge and understanding of handling delicate artwork, antiques, and valuable possessions.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with the family and coordinate with external service providers.
Compassionate nature, demonstrating patience and empathy while guiding the family through the emotional process of downsizing and relocating.
Flexibility and adaptability to accommodate changing circumstances and evolving plans.

The compensation package will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. We are committed to providing a competitive salary that reflects the high level of expertise required for this role. Additionally, local accommodations will be provided.