A married couple, with 2 kids and 2 very busy schedules (both shooting) seeks a dynamic, whip smart, on their toes at all times personal assistant to manage a variety of needs from business to personal.  There can be travel either for their entertainment related work and or for their philanthropic work.  Seeking to pay $30 an hour plus gas and mileage.  8 hours a day but the times of day may vary depending on schedule/some set needs. The ideal person will be accustomed to juggling several needs at once, knows how to check things off a list and will knowhow to do “triage” to manage what needs to be attended to first.  Needs can range from calendars/schedules for them and their kids and will also involve setting meetings, reservations, appointments, management of travel and so on. Will take care of home needs and pet needs as well as even dog walking. Mailing packages, errands,  gift buying, event planning as needed.  Ideal person will also be able to manage computer admin needs such as calendar input, well versed in Microsoft Suite, and may also know INDesigner and Keynote Speaker.   Their days can run the gamut from basic home needs, to the set needs to assisting in planning travel of work in South Africa. Can be involved in creative meetings, dealing with the government – tourism in Ghana.  This can be a dynamic role with a lot to offer in terms of exposure and the ability to learn.  Good but very busy people who need an assistant that is eager to get into the minutia for them. MUST also be tech and social media savvy.