A fast growing designer with both corporate and home based design clients is looking to hire an amazing right arm.  She is a busy single mom with 3 kids and has a very fast paced moving life.  She’s super cool, engaging and willing and wanting to work with someone and let them learn and grow, as long as she gets all that she needs from this person.  The ideal candidate will be ULTRA ULTRA organized and really detailed as there are moving parts daily.  We can not stress enough that for this client, organization is key.  A true self starter, who is self reliant, a self starter and resourceful.  In this role you will make sure that she has her schedule for each day, will ensure that all the missing holes are attended to, will do a lot of follow up with vendors, clients, contractors, looking at swatches, participating in ideas.  Will make lists for each project and ensure that she has answered all of her client’s needs.  Will also assist with bookkeeping/invoicing, ordering, research, etc.  Lastly, this ideal person will also be able to travel to her corporate sites in very cool cities and do FaceTime with her to go over status and needs of each project, assist with installs, shop in various cities for final touches, so on and so on.  Her aim is to keep growing so this role only has upward mobility!

This is a remote role for the most part, all by phone and maybe meeting at times for face time in Sherman Oaks.  For now about 30 -40 hours a week at $25 an hour.